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H2O Graphix is the hydrographics division of Photokina Chemicals Pvt Ltd. Being the first one of its kind, H2O Graphix offers a complete solution for Water Transfer Printing in India ranging from specialized job works, consumables like water transfer films and chemicals and even on-site training. For all aspiring hydro printers, we also offer a very economical hydrographics start up kit as well. Our aim is to provide this revolutionary printing technology to all concerned in India, and to become the most dynamic Hydrographics solutions provider.

What is Hydrographics?

Hydrographics is not rocket science! Here’s a guide to understanding how amazingly simple the process of hydrographics is ! Hydrographics is just another term for water transfer printing, immersion printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping or cubic printing,. It is a new printing technique which can be applied on objects made out of plastic, hard wood, metal, glass and several other materials. So what goes into the process of water transfer printing?



First, apply All Substrate Base on the object for good film adhesion

Hydrographics water transfer printing Step1 Apply All Substrate Base
Hydrographics water transfer printing Step1 use water soluble films


Then we use water soluble Hydrographics films in the process of water transfer printing. These films contain designs and graphics that can be transferred onto the product.


Then, We spray the Stick Spray an Enhanced Hydrographics Activator on the film that makes the film become thin for perfect printing.

Hydrographics water transfer printing STEP 3 Place Film in water
Hydrographics step-4 simply dip the product into the water


Once this is done, we simply dip the product into the water to transfer the print.


Then at last we apply the Top Coat for final finishing and durability of the print on the object!  And, Voila! it’s done.

Hydrographics STEP-5 Apply top coat


We offer

FAQs for Hydrographics

How do I order Water Transfer Printing film, equipment, or supplies?

You can order online (for supplies) on our website and pay with Net-Banking, Debit/Credit cards or any wallet. In case you have a bulk requirement, give us a call on 022 40117342/ 40047342 for pricing and ordering information.

What size of hydrographic films do you sell?

All of our Water Transfer Printing film comes in 2 widths; 18-19 inches (0.5m width) and 37-39 inches (1m width). With respect to the length of the rolls, we supply a minimum of 3 sqm per design. In case of designs in 1m width, the minimum length supplied is 3 linear meters i.e. 3 sqm and for designs in 0.5m width, the minimum length supplied is 6 linear meters i.e. 3 sqm.

What type of items can be dipped?

WTP can help you print on any surface and object that can go inside water except for paper and fabrics. This is possible only with our Base Chemical called ASB which acts as the base for all surfaces to hold the WTP print design. You can buy All Substrate Base here.

How durable is Water Transfer Printing?

This is a very controversial topic to have a discussion on. We believe WTP has great durability; thanks to the application of the Top Coat. Our Top Coats are PU (Polyurethane) based and stand strong in sharp sunlight, rains and winters considering the extreme weather in India. However, the durability greatly depends on the quality of the Base chemical and the Top Coat used.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The turnaround time taken depends on the size, shape and the quantity of the objects you are trying to dip. On an average, this the time cycle taken for a few small products:

a. Part Preparation: Around 15-20 mins.
b. Film Cutting: Around 5-10 mins.
c. Film Placement and Stand by: Around 60-90 seconds.
d. Stick Spray Activation and Dipping: Around 10-20 seconds.
e. Washing: Around 2-3 mins.
f. Drying and Top Coat Application: 30-45 mins.
g. Final Drying: Overnight under the fan or 3-4 hours in Baking oven.

What do I need to start a Hydrographics business? And How much does it cost to start a Hydrographics business?

A full-fledged facility has almost every possible piece of equipment such as:

a. 7ft WTP Dipping Tank or a 5ft WTP Dipping Tank.
b. 5ft Wash Booth.
c. 2HP Air Compressor
d. 4 Spray Guns.
e. Baking Oven.
f. Spray Booth (Water-Based preferable).
g. 5ft Cutting Table.

This costs around Rs. 5.5L to 6L (Including our intensive 3 day Training at Client Facility).

However, there is also a way to start the business with some minimum requirements in order to limit the capital investment required. Here’s a list of the Basic equipment required:

a. 5ft WTP Dipping Tank.
b. 0.5HP Air Compressor
c. 1 Spray Gun
d. Small Cutting Table.

This costs around Rs. 1-1.5L.
We strongly recommend our training programs to kick start the idea of starting a new business since it gives a lot of insight about the process and saves around 6-8 months of trial and error experimentation costs!

What is the maximum temperature a processed part can be exposed to?

If the process is done correctly, parts printed using WTP will survive temperatures up to 100 Degrees Celsius. Thus, engine valve covers, plastic engine covers and many household products can all be decorated and will withstand the residual heat coming from the day to day use.

Do I have to spray a decorated part with clear coat?

Yes, the durability of the print is greatly based on the quality of Clear Coat/Matte Coat used.

When do I attend Water Transfer Printing Training?

We offer a free demo of the printing process at our Demo center in Mumbai. You just need to register the slot by writing an email to us with the date and time suitable to you and we will revert with the available dates. Besides, we have 2 courses of training; One Day Basic Training and Full Fledged Consultation Package. For details on both you can write to us at [email protected]

How should I dry my dipped parts?

Leave the dipped parts under the fan for 15-20 mins.

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