A full-fledged facility has almost every possible piece of equipment such as:

a. 7ft WTP Dipping Tank or a 5ft WTP Dipping Tank.
b. 5ft Wash Booth.
c. 2HP Air Compressor
d. 4 Spray Guns.
e. Baking Oven.
f. Spray Booth (Water-Based preferable).
g. 5ft Cutting Table.

This costs around Rs. 5.5L to 6L (Including our intensive 3 day Training at Client Facility).

However, there is also a way to start the business with some minimum requirements in order to limit the capital investment required. Here’s a list of the Basic equipment required:

a. 5ft WTP Dipping Tank.
b. 0.5HP Air Compressor
c. 1 Spray Gun
d. Small Cutting Table.

This costs around Rs. 1-1.5L.
We strongly recommend our training programs to kick start the idea of starting a new business since it gives a lot of insight about the process and saves around 6-8 months of trial and error experimentation costs!